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Shine, Moiré and Impressions
We now have some worsted wools, polyester blends, gabardines and rayons that will show shine and impressions with too much pressure. This moiré effect is caused by some, but not all, of the yarns shrinking unevenly. Shine is produced by flattening of all weave, which in turn alters the light reflection. It is more evident on darker colors.

When working with these fabrics, be sure all seams are placed on the edge of the press and release the head immediately upon applying vacuum. Holding the head in contact and vacuuming at the same time for several seconds will cause these unsightly impressions and shine.

Press pads should be in good condition. If pads do not have good resiliency, you will certainly have shine and seam impressions. Gabardine should be thoroughly moistened with buck steam and the areas smoothed out. Then apply LIGHT head pressure. Do not use vacuum with the head down. This will contribute to shine and seam impressions. If unwanted seam impressions do show up, these can usually be removed by taking the area back to the spotting board and steaming the area thoroughly with the steam gun and then hanging it aside to air dry. Sometimes a light mist of water and brushing very softly with a soft bristled brush is effective on shine and seam impressions.

Steam Gauge Pressure


Grid Plates
Steam Gauge Pressure

Steam Gauge Pressure at the boiler is extremely critical. Steam that is too wet or too dry results in poorly finished garments and is detrimental to the life expectancy of the press pad. We suggest 75 to 80 P.S.I. depending on altitude variances.

Proper Press Head Alignment
Out-of-line heads – manual or automatic – cause numerous finishing problems such as double creases and damaged press pads. Shifting pads indicate a malfunction of the head which can be corrected by qualified maintenance personnel.

Grid Plates
Periodically clean grid plates to remove fiber and resin build ups that accumulate and transfer to garments, leaving impressions. When metal plates are deformed and fabric grids are torn, they should be replaced. Qualitex® Nomex Head Covers can be used over metal grids to reduce shine and over fabric grids to prolong life.

Head Pressure
Manual and automatic presses are equipped with controls for easy adjustment of head pressure. Improper head pressure causes double seams and wrinkles while exerting unnecessary abuse to the press pad. Reduce head pressure for heavy weight garments – Increase head pressure for light weight garments.

Idle Presses
Dry Cleaning and Apparel presses that are not in daily continuous operation should not be left unattended. Press Pads that are on these presses will, in effect, bake all day. The steam line valve to these idle presses should be closed and, if not possible, assigned personnel should activate live steam and vacuum on these presses numerous times daily.

Soiled Press Covers
Qualitex® Sun Glow® Covers can be easily cleaned on the press. Before closing, operators should use a soft bristle brush and sparingly apply a mild solution of soap and warm water to soiled area. Activate steam to blow out dirt particles in the cover. DO NOT USE VACUUM. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Allow the pad to dry overnight. A cleaner cover helps to eliminate shine on garments.

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