Nomex® Head Covers
Qualitex offers two (2) different styles of head covers for virtually every make and model of dry cleaning presses. Our White Skirted Head Cover, made of white spun nomex, and our Gold Glow Head Cover, made of heavy duty Sun Glow Nomex, are both designed for use directly over conventional grid plates.

Qualitex Head Covers:

  • Prevent the transfer of grid plate nick spots onto garments
  • Eliminate lifting of garments
  • Reduce shine and moire
  • Protect buttons from heated metal plate
  • Eliminate "nickel" of steam spots

For imported presses which are designed to be used without grid plates, we offer Qualitex CHS Head Cover and Pad Sets. Our CHS sets consist of a heavy duty Gold Glow nomex cover and corresponding nylon padding for use directly on the bare head.

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